Creative Writing: King the Corn Snake

So, after we had that really bad day that turned out to be a good day, I’m reconsidering the “unschooling” method and at least trying to incorporate it on a mild level. For starters, I asked tLG what she wanted to learn about today. She said, “snakes!” She has a recent fascination of this particular species after her Dad took her to Aquatic Critter last week. *SIGH*

Fine. Snakes it is. We made a list of things she could do for school involving snakes. She did some computer research and then we came up with a word bank that she could use to write a story about a snake. She was able to rely on her first hand experience to come up with a great list of “silver dollar words.” Shout out to Ms. Beaty and Power of Pictures!

I was really impressed with the story she came up with. I thought it was pretty good creative writing for 1st grade. Below is a quick video she made of herself reading the story. I LOVE how her little personality shows through, especially at the end! 😉

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