How to Use Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool

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Today I want to talk to you about how to use Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum. The site navigation is one of the biggest drawbacks but, once you get the hang of the flow, it’s indeed very easy to use. 

Click here to go to the site. The first thing you will want to take notice of is the navigation bar on the right. For the moment, we are going to pretend that you are going to do the full curriculum. Later I will go into detail about how to pick and choose subjects. 
  • Getting Ready 1 would be equivalent to PreK or age 4.
  • Getting Ready 2 would be equivalent to Kindergarten or age 5. 
  • First would be equivalent to 1st Grade and so on.
For this tutorial, let’s choose 2nd Grade. I’m kind of partial to it at the moment. 😉 
Click on Second. At the top of this page you will find some general notes and a supply list for this grade followed by Day 1. 
Under Day 1, there are instructions for the main subjects, typically Language Arts, Reading, and Math. Every few days you will also see instructions here for Computer and Thinking. Your child will simply follow the instructions all the way down until the reach the heading for the next day. 

Each day you will come back to the same page (I bookmark it on my toolbar). 

You can scroll down to the next day or use the search feature to find the day you are looking for.

Starting in 1st Grade, at the end of each day, you will see a prompt asking what year you are studying. It looks like this:

The curriculum has a 4-year rotation for Bible, History, Science, Art/Music, and Health. Per the website, the years of study are as follows.

  • Year 1 — Biology, Ancient History, Matthew and historical books of the Bible
  • Year 2 — Animals, Early American History, Mark and New Testament minus the other gospels and Revelation
  • Year 3 — Earth Science, Geography and Cultures, Luke and Psalms and Proverbs
  • Year 4 — Physics and Chemistry, 20th Century History, John and Prophets
  • Music and art will follow along with the history studies as much as possible.

There are also two levels for this rotation (L: Grades 1-4 and M: Grades 4-8). You can do these in any order you like but I’m type A and like for Year 1 to go with 1st Grade, Year 2 to go with 2nd Grade, ect.  Once you have selected your year, the same process applies. Scroll or search for what day you are on and complete the activities under that heading.

That’s it! You basically just click on your grade, find which day you are on and follow the prompts. Each grade level has 180 days of instruction, which meets most state requirements. 
Now, that we have the basics down, let’s pretend you want to piece together different subjects or different grade levels for subjects. On the navigation bar to the right, you will want to look for individual subjects and choose your year or topic. Once you click on a subject/year you will see a short description at the top of the page which gives an overview of the concepts that will be learned in that subject. You can choose from Art, Bible, Computer, History, Language Arts, Math, Music, PE/Health, Science, and Thinking.

From here, you simply scroll or search for which day you are on and complete the assignments. Again, you can continue to come back to the main page and select your subjects each day or you could bookmark them for easy access. 
That’s the basic layout and navigation for Easy Peasy. It really is pretty simple and I have found it to be comprehensive as well.

Still have questions about Easy Peasy? Here are some pages with helpful information.

How To Use
About the Author
Facebook Group

There is also a tutorial video.
If you are just getting started with Easy Peasy and have questions, leave me a comment below and I will do my best to answer it. This is our 2nd year using this curriculum and we love it!

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  • jennrn1213

    Thank you! That was great for a new home-schooling mom. I do have one question regarding math and science in middle school…you said they are studying the same assignments? All through out 6th-8th grade?

  • jennrn1213

    Thank you! I do have one question regarding math and science in the middle school years….you said they are all studying the same assignments? Throughout those 4 years…it doesn't change?


  • jennrn1213

    Thank you! That was great for a new home-schooling mom. I do have one question regarding math and science in middle school…you said they are studying the same assignments? All through out 6th-8th grade?

  • Staci Bishop

    Math does not rotate. It's new material every year. Science is on a 4 year rotation, meaning the four subjects are repeated in elementary and middle school. However, once you get to 5th grade you will switch to the "M" level vs. the "L" level (middle vs. lower). It will be the same subject matter but studied on a deeper level. Hope this helps!

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