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July 2015 Update


After our beach trip at the end of June we hung around Birmingham for a few more days through the 4th of July weekend. They had some bad storms a week or so prior to our trip so we helped Dad with some trees that were down. We hauled limbs all day long but it was really fun to work together. Plus, Skylar can now drive the 4-wheeler all by herself! We also got to visit with my mom’s side of the family and eat good too!

Now that we are back home we are trying to sneak in the last bits of summer fun before school starts back. Skylar has been to Upward Basketball Camp, Super Summer Bible School, Hike & Swim, and Civil War camp. Traveller’s Rest has a great program and this was our 2nd year there. Skylar learned a lot and the kids did a drill presentation for us on the last day showing us their skills!

Mike’s company had a pig roast out at Percy Priest Lake a few weekends ago. Yes, they cooked a whole hog and it turned out great! It was also nice to spend some time out on the water and meet some of the people he works with.

Many of you do not know this but, for almost a year, Mike and I have been separated. When I least expected it and under circumstances I couldn’t have predicted, God was at work. He still is. After months of counseling, we felt it was the right time to move forward again, together. This past month, we recombined our lives and are working to reconcile this marriage. I dare say the hardest work is still ahead of us, but I’m more hopeful now than I have ever been before. We both have learned a lot in the last year. I’m thankful beyond words to our inner circle of people who have supported us through this journey and protected our privacy. That has meant the world to me. If you feel led, I ask that you earnestly pray for us as we continue to try to make daily choices that will help us rebuild trust and create new patterns.

Speaking of new patterns, July really has been a month of BIG changes including a decision we made to transition me out of my current job. It’s possible this could go down as the worst career move I will ever make but, as far as personal decisions, it will be remembered as one of the best! Sometimes the Lord asks us to do things that don’t make sense to anyone else. This is definitely a choice about quality of life and I’m looking forward to seeing what tasks or clients God has in store for me next. If you hear of something that sounds like a good fit for me, let me know. Details are my specialty (My Resume)!

For starters, I’m thrilled to be taking doula clients again. I’m also SUPER excited about starting 3rd grade with tLG. The last pieces of our curriculum arrived this week and we are both eager to get going, but I think we are gonna give it another week or so before our official start. I’m still holding on to summer, naturally. 😉 

Anyway, hello August! 
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