February 2016 in Pictures

In case you missed it, get the full February Update here
 For the entire month of February we put a love note on Skylar’s door each morning!
 Skylar made this football cake for the Super Bowl!
 Lady Lynx ready for Game Day
 My and my voting partner. She’s a pro!
 Visiting Athena
 Greek Gods and Mythology
 I love field tripping with this crazy girl
Skylar wanted Baron in the shower with her. I don’t even pretend to understand why.  
 Rally for Cruz
 I started with a VERY tangled up skein of yarn that I untied and worked into a ball for my friend Cate. I actually found it rather therapeutic. Who knew?
I sure to love this baller! 
 Lady Lynx Post Season Party. They got certificates and medals. 
 I had the honor of celebrating my Leap Day doula birthday with this sweet girl who made me a doula 4 years ago. So special! 
A girl and her coach!  
Upward Award’s Celebration

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