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February 2018 Update

February was pretty ho hum with the exception of the Olympics. Oh, how I love me some Olympics! Althought, I do miss the dual screen set up we had at our other house. Regardless, there were many late nights and lots and lots of pacing, cheering, screaming, and jumping up & down, as usual. Mike traveled to Knoxville for a 4-day work trip mid month so Skylar and I basically laid in bed and watched Olympics the whole time. LOL! And when we weren’t watching Olympics we were homeschooling about Olympics. At 38 years old, I’m a brand new coffee drinker (I know, I know) but I had an added appreciation for that caffeine boost during the 2 weeks of the Olympics. I’m a committed fan and it involves a lot of late nights. Can’t wait til next time! #Tokyo2020

Our church started a new Bible Study that we’ve been going to and it will run through March. The ladies meet on Tuesday nights and the guys meet on Wednesday nights but we are all studying the book of James. We’ve even been challenged to memorize the entire book. I’m currently on verse 12. Only 96 more to go! The suggested time frame to learn it is 5 months, which I think is probably doable. Focus on 1 chapter a month. I’m excited to challenge my brain with some memory work and I’m particularly excited because it’s a big chunk so the entire thing will stay in context. When I haven’t been working on my Bible study, I’ve been knitting. Skylar taught me how. Thank you homeschool co-op!

The BFF got a little upgrade a few weekends ago. We were able to purchase some tree seedlings for $1 a piece so we planted 15 new trees. There were 5 different varieties so I’m hoping this will help bring some color to our property in the fall.

I passed another kidney stone this month. Thank you, family genetics! It moved quickly and relatively easily but not without me waking everyone up and demanding to go to the ER. Mike was warming up the car when I had a sudden pinching pain and then everything eased up. I can’t find any medical proof to my remedy but I’ve now passed 2 kidney stones almost instantly by using colloidal silver. It may be a total fluke. Guess I’ll try it again next time and see if I can do it 3 times in a row. Not that I’m looking forward to it. The pain is seriously worse than childbirth. It’s so intense and there is no break. Not even for a second. Since it was so short lived, we went on our planned field trip to First Freedom Bank. I seriously think this was one of the best field trips we have ever been on. We were so welcomed and everything was so nicely planned out perfectly for our group.

Have I mentioned our ongoing saga with Metro Stormwater? When we moved in last year I contacted them about our culvert because it was too short and the sides of our driveway entrance were falling off. We also have standing water every time it rains even just a little bit, but it has gotten progressively worse. They came and looked at the problem last March and agreed it needed to be fixed. For the record, we (along with every other resident in Davidson county) pay a stormwater fee every month that covers repairs like this. We received a notice that the work would be done in May 2017. It wasn’t. I have called Metro every month since then and have been given every excuse in the book including “we don’t know.” In January 2018 I finally played the political card and got our local council person involved. Like magic, suddenly people were showing up to investigate the problem, mark water lines, and decide on the size of culvert needed. This past week they finally showed up to do the job. Well, they started on it. The new culvert is in but we are waiting on more gravel and blacktop. They also have to repair our neighbor’s culvert as well because it was part of the flooding issue. But wouldn’t you know it, they haven’t been back. Guess I’m calling again on Monday.


Speaking of rain, I am SO over it. Beyond over it. We are a mere week or so away from Daylight Savings Time. That will help my mood tremendously but we are also getting ready to head into grass cutting season and the extra daylight will be much needed.

That’s about it for February. For more pics click here. Now, on to March!

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