Family Update

May 2023 Family Update

With school and lacrosse wrapped up for the year, it felt like we had a little break in May. The most important event of our year happened on May 7th. This day was months in the making. I have never in all my life put this much effort into a…. concert. That’s right, we went to The Eras Tour with Taylor Swift. There were outfits to make, friendship bracelets to design, parking to arrange, dinner reservations to acquire, and a 3-hour epic set list to rehearse. Now, we also managed to have tickets for the show that held 70K fans hostage in a 4-hour thunderstorm, BUT IT WAS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Taylor took the stage at 10 pm and we sang our hearts out until 1:30 am, being dazzled every minute. This Swiftie will never forget it! If I could figure out how to get to another show, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I also managed to snag last-minute tickets to Matt Matthews. After dinner at Assembly Food Hall, me and my comedy buddy, Paula, had a blast at the show. His audience interaction is crazy hilarious. Comedy has been therapeutic for me this year.

Mid-month I had a branding photoshoot with the lovely Crystal Stephens and I’m thrilled with how they turned out. I love how casual and perfect they are. Harper Bluff Inc is niching down hard into project-based web design work and I can’t wait to do a full overhaul on my own website.

Mother’s Day was pretty sweet. Skylar got me an awesome coffee mug which has now become the “Sunday mug” and she took me out to dinner for sushi. Over our meal, we daydreamed and mapped out a plan to save up for our Olympics/Paris trip. Gosh, I do love being her mama!

I’ve also continued a little ritual I started last month by spending Sundays in bed when I can. I’m learning that I need a lot more downtime than I thought during this season of life. I use this time to rest or catch up on all the logistics required to run our life. I also usually journal or reflect on the week and prepare for the one ahead. It’s just nice to have the quiet time in my little bedroom haven.

At the end of the month we headed down to Alabama for Memorial Day weekend. We spent a lot of time with my sister and her kiddos – even hit up the Birmingham Zoo – but I also got to visit with my cousin, Angie, and Aunt Sheila who had us over for dinner. It was a great trip to spend time with Skylar before she leaves for the summer. Plus, I made sure to get in lots of baby snuggles while I was there.

My little suburban garden is coming along. Can’t believe summer is finally here!

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